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Palanga is a bright and lively holiday resort town of Lithuania on the Baltic Sea coast, where vacationers come to rest and have a fun recreation. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, bars, a concert hall, a casino, a bouling club, a cinema here. The resort has beautiful pines and sea, there is a 12 km length bicycles‘ path from Palanga to Sventoji.

Anyone can also enjoy a horseback riding club, tennis courts, swimming pools and SPA facilities here in Palanga. Those who wants to relax, can easily take a walk in a beautiful park or along the sea, visit the amazingly beautiful botanical garden or the Amber Museum.

There are lots of cultural events, performances and concerts here. Palanga is famous for its unique life of the Basanavicius street. The end of the street is crowned by the pier stretching into the sea at 450 meters with the fantastic views to the sea and the beach. You can spend every evening romantically admiring charming sunsets into the sea there.

Palanga is famous for its golden sandy beaches, beautiful dunes. Mild maritime climate and fresh resort‘s air will help you feel better, will give new energy and optimism to you. This is a resort that meets the needs of people of all age groups and the most various tastes.

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